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Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome, wndowed! We recommend to play his awesome music during reading for better perception! 

Hello wndowed! How would you introduce yourself?
﹥My name’s Jack. I’m a pretty simple guy who just makes beats in his free time.

When did you start making music?
﹥I started making music about a year ago.

What is your favourite instrument or a plugin to use while creating music?
﹥I would say my favorite thing to use is the sp404. It is a fairly common sampler, but it has a unique sound that computers just can’t make.

When you get started with creating a new piece, what do you do at first?
﹥It really depends. In my eyes, drums usually make or break a track. So i usually start out with the drums.

Who had (or has) the greatest influence on your music?
﹥There are so many people who influence the way I see and think about music. But if I had to choose one person, I would say Knxwledge. His music screams creativity at its finest. Knxwledge has amazing drums and amazing samples.

If you could create something with any artist, who would it be?
﹥This is a really tough one. If i had to choose, I would have to say gawdlee. His flow is incredible, and I am positive he will go places.

What is your greatest inspiration?
﹥My greatest inspiration is curiosity. I am always learning whether it be from friends, online, or even by myself. Curiosity drives my inspiration to make music.

What gives you the greatest boost to keep on creating music?
﹥I usually get inspiration when I hear a track that I really like or a sample that catches my ear. But I can go weeks without inspiration at all. It is all sporadic.

What thing about making music do you wish someone told you earlier?
﹥I wish someone told me to not worry about numbers. Once you start worrying about getting views, and stop expressing yourself, your music will all around sound worse. Just express yourself, and forget the rest.

What part of making music do you cherish the most?
﹥My life has changed so much ever since I started making beats. Music was a way to vent my emotions in a healthy manner, all around making me a happier person. I found my best tracks happened on days that I felt my worst.

What do you prefer: sampling, simply playing music or maybe both sound fine?
﹥Sampling and playing music can sound amazing depending on execution. I enjoy messing with synthesizers in my free time.

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