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Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome, Whitewildbear! We recommend to play his awesome music during reading for better perception! 

Hello Whitewildbear! How would you introduce yourself?
﹥I hardly would call myself a musician, because I’m just learning and I do not know much and I do not know how to play music, I write it primarily for myself, I do not try to write music in one style, I always try to do something new.

What is your favourite instrument or a plugin to use while creating music?
﹥My favorite instrument is the piano, you can see it in my tracks, I often use it there.

Who had (or has) the greatest influence on your music?
﹥Most of all I was influenced by the music of ATB, he is my idol, and only his music touched me. Of course, I do not really like to dream, but if there was an opportunity, I would like to write a joint track with ATB.

What is your greatest inspiration?
﹥My inspiration finds me, but I can also be inspired by a beautiful photo of nature or a girl let’s say, but most of all I’m inspired by my solitude and my sadness. While creating a track, I must be in a certain state, otherwise I do not write a track. After all, music should come from me, and not just so, because now many write for money and fame, and not for themselves and the degeneration of their condition.

What part of making music do you cherish the most?
﹥The most beloved part is creating music when inspiration comes and you are ready to throw it all into a track.

When you get started with creating a new piece, what do you do at first?
﹥I like to start writing with percussion or strings. When I first heard the music of ATB, I was so delighted with it that I myself wanted to write something like that, and now I’m doing it, I’m very happy that people like my music, and I’m grateful to each of them, because it’s so cool to realize that it touches them.

What do you prefer: sampling, simply playing music or maybe both sound fine?
﹥I have never liked DJing, because creating music is much steeper and more difficult.


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