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Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome, Rad Hatter! We recommend to play his awesome music during reading for better perception! 

Hello Rad Hatter! How would you introduce yourself?
﹥Hello, my name is Shane, I’m based in Denver, Colorado.

When did you start making music?
﹥I started producing almost 3 years ago.

What is your favourite instrument or a plugin to use while creating music?
﹥Favorite plugin has to be Padshop by steinberg.

When you get started with creating new piece, what do you do at first?
﹥I usually start all new pieces with the drums because I love percussion.

Who had (or has) the greatest influence on your music?
﹥A few of my inspirations have to be flume, lido and galimatias

If you could create something with any artist, who would it be?
﹥If I could make anything with someone it would definitely be flume

What gives you the greatest boost to keep on creating music?
﹥My vision on where I’d like to be in the future motivates me to keep pushing.

What thing about making music do you wish someone told you earlier?
﹥Something I wish someone told me earlier was to take one thing at a time and not try to master every aspect of producing at once.

What part of making music do you cherish the most?
﹥I really enjoy the feeling of really liking what I’m making at the moment and strive for more of those moments.

What do you prefer: sampling, simply playing music or maybe both sound fine?
﹥I really enjoy sampling it’s really fun to me and you can come up with really dope stuff in the process.

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