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Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome, BARDZ! We recommend to play his awesome music during reading for better perception! 

Hello BARDZ! How would you introduce yourself?
﹥I go by BARDZ, and have been making music since I was about 12 years old. I started out by teaching myself guitar and piano, and then found my way into electronic music production. Those guitars and keys still find their way into my songwriting process, and onstage with me when I play my live shows. My instruments help me translate ideas into my computer and help break that barrier when writing music.

When you get started with creating a new piece, what do you do at first?
﹥Starting a new song looks different every time. Sometimes it begins with a top-line acappella when doing a remix, and other times it stems from a riff or melody a make, and then becomes the centerpiece I build around. I often play drums in my live sets as well, and practicing new breaks can also inspire a beat for a song and spark a whole idea in itself.

Who had (or has) the greatest influence on your music?
Pink Floyd and Odesza have been my greatest influences, across all the styles of music I have experimented with.

What gives you the greatest boost to keep on creating music?
﹥Making music has its ups and downs, and can be stressful if you put too much importance on certain aspects of a project. I always find drive and inspiration from making new music that makes me feel something. I will always be intrinsically driven by my own emotions regarding the music I make, and positive reactions from others is always a plus.

What part of making music do you cherish the most?
﹥The best part about making music is it gives me the outlet to express how I feel and is really the only way I truly know how.

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