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aosmos interview

Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome, Aosmos! We recommend to play his awesome music during reading for better perception! 

Hello Aosmos! How would you introduce yourself?
﹥Hey, I’m Aosmos, or Ryan.

When did you start making music?
﹥About 5 years ago now, time flies.

What is your favourite instrument or a plugin to use while creating music?
﹥I love the guitar and piano, favourite plugin is serum!

When you get started with creating new piece, what do you do at first?
﹥Normally I’ll start out with chords and melody and move into making a drop. Typically, I find it easier to match an intro to a drop rather than vice versa.

Who had (or has) the greatest influence on your music?
﹥San Holo was one of my number one influences until I started to develop my own style. Any creative piece will motivate me in different ways.

If you could create something with any artist, who would it be?
﹥San holo, but a less obvious one would have to be Kasbo. For vocals I’d love to have Sabrina Claudio or Billie Eilish.

What is your greatest inspiration?
﹥My greatest inspiration is to improve and become noticed for what I’ve worked for.

What gives you the greatest boost to keep on creating music?
﹥Moments in life, the experiences that we have day to day. Whether it’s the emotions that go behind, or the actual adventure.

What thing about making music do you wish someone told you earlier?
﹥I wish someone had told me to focus on myself and not try to sound like someone else. I feel like you have to stand out in your own style to make it in this industry.

What part of making music do you cherish the most?
﹥The pure creativity. I love being able to put raw emotion into a physical state.

What do you prefer: sampling, simply playing music or maybe both sound fine?
﹥Both! I think the two of them go great together. So much fun.

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